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Due to the amount of detail involved, this work is easier to perform on a Tablet or Desktop. Open this on your larger device:

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Website Instructions

Two Options:

  1. Embed the 3D tour directly into the web page.

    Tour plays right there on the page on desktops. On phones and tablets it opens in Fullscreen.
    Disadvantage: On slower servers, the tour loading time might slow your page load a little. Not massively.

Example – click and see:



2. Place an image and link that to the 3D tour

 Fastest load time
Disadvantage: Tour always loads in a new window, both on desktop and mobile

Example – click and see


  1. Direct embed into web page.

    Use the following embed code and place it into a section or element in your web page as you normally place content. 
    Basically the same as a YouTube video embedding.

    This is an example only. You have to replace the bold VVZuoah7ArM with the ID number of YOUR tour ID, as per the tour link we have sent through.

    <iframe width=’853′ height=’480′ src=’‘ frameborder=’0′ allowfullscreen allow=’xr-spatial-tracking’></iframe>

  2. Place an image and link that to the 3D tour


    Create a thumbnail, maybe 400 or 600 pixel wide, by doing a screenshot from your tour that you particularly like.

    Then, link that to the following URL style below.

    Please note, as above, you have to replace that ID code with yours.


Pricing Information

Visitor3D Partner

Monthly Subscription
$ 19
+GST per category
(view live category examples)
  • 3D Tour
  • 360 Panoramic Preview
  • Description
  • Location (GPS)
  • Phone
  • Share
  • Dynamic Opening Hours Indicator
  • List Upcoming Events
  • Food/Drinks Menu
  • Special Offer
  • Video Intro (you supply)
  • Link to Website or Social
  • Same Business Day Support
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Month by Month
  • No Lock-In Contract
  • Flat Rate
  • Constantly more amazing features being added!

Video Offers (exclusive to Map Listings)


Play Video
Only $99

3D Tour

Play Video
Only $249


Play Video
Only $875

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