3D Map Swan Valley

Swan Valley 3D on Channel 7

Swan Valley 3D
Pioneers on TV

After many months of hard work and constant adjustments brought on through the ever changing events and circumstances during 2020, the visionary team at Visitor3D and over 130 participating businesses in the Swan Valley region received some well deserved acknowledgement for what might have been a world first. 
An entire tourist region brought to life in an immersive and user friendly manner, allowing one to explore venues and spaces from the comfort of their own home, long before they would ever jump into their transport to make an in-person visit.

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Just the beginning...

So, whether you live in Rockingham, elsewhere in Perth, Interstate, or even Overseas; when the time comes for you to pay the Valley your next visit, you have your planning tools at your fingertips to get the most out of your time spent on the ground.

Explore a plethora of amazing gems, many of which even our team, calling themselves well traveled Perth locals, had no idea, existed.

The development team behind Visitor3D ( is tirelessly working on improving the user experience each day. 
New functions and features are being rolled out on a weekly basis, with a massive roadmap on the board to make this an amazing experience for all participants; the visitors to the regions and business operators alike, have now found a new way to connect and share relevant info in seconds.

FEEDBACK is constantly invited and many suggestions have made it into the code along the way.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know what you would love to see being implemented in future.

3D Map Swan Valley

Swan Valley 3D Launch

Swan Valley 3D
Launch - 23 Nov 2020

Swan Valley "on the map"

As businesses in the Swan Valley began to open their doors after an enforced hibernation, they were full of both trepidation and hope. Circumstances around the world had quite rapidly changed the way we do business. And so, the Swan Valley, a region synonymous with rustic charm and booming tourism, welcomed the opportunity to unite in a time of uncertainty; they put their businesses forward to be mapped out using advanced 3D technology. They put themselves, literally, on the map.

Bringing spaces to life

It was an idea sprouted from many different seeds from the minds of Uwe Schafer and Lars Frederiksen, the two powerhouses behind Eventspace3D. They met by chance at a networking conference and immediately felt synergy.
The wheels were in motion from that moment, and they haven’t stopped. Together they realized the value in creatively mapping an entire region; value for both businesses and visitors. 

But the region would have to work together for the map to come to life. It would require faith and congruency. You can’t have a map with just one venue. At times, the tourism industry has seen its partners as competitors, vying for the tourists’ attention. The Swan Valley, however, recognized that with a united region and populated Visitor3D map, their tourists would spend more time in the region exploring all that was on offer, and more visitors would be inspired to venture out to the Valley; a win-win that everyone can enjoy.

It was not long until Lars and Uwe were spending every waking moment in the Valley capturing stories, reigniting visions, and finding creative ways to showcase the variety and character of this beautiful place.

As the map grew, the concept grew, and now we find ourselves here, under the renowned jacarandas in full purple bloom on a balmy afternoon tucked away on the grounds of Nikola Estate. There is a big screen set up in the cellar, and wine is being poured under the eaves. Familiar faces from more than 130 Swan Valley businesses are slowly trickling in, excited to see their map, some for the first time.

Through the lens

The media arrives, the mood is jolly, and their may be a titter of nerves as Lars and Uwe prepare to unveil the fruits of months of hard work, and officially launch Swan Valley 3D.

Lars begins to speak, and with his charm and frivolity we begin to understand just how big this project is. The audience is delighted to see themselves on the screen. The soft glow of phones spatters through the crowd, and Swan Valley 3D is live.

Plan your next visit

The Swan Valley is on the map.
Their venues, events, historical buildings and parks are all there for visitors from all over the world to explore.
Inspired, they can jump from venue to venue, planning their adventures in the Valley from their device. They can immerse themselves in the stories that slowly spin as they trawl through extensive 3D maps and discover venues they’d never heard of before. 
They have the Valley in their hands and soon, very soon, they will walk through the spaces that captivated them, mapping their own journey through this pioneering region.