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Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £3,333

Woking, England

Beautiful Big Girl's Bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £4,295

Bournemouth, United Kindom

Pretty in pink girl's bedroom with light wood & pops of brass.

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,418

Sheffield, England

A delightful candy stripe kids bedroom.

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,697

London, England

Fun pink & monochrome kids bedroom.

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,896

Haywards Heath, England

Perfect Pastel Paradise

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,999

Hastings, England

Safari Room

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £3,597

Oxford, England

Stylish Young Boy's Bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,227

Winchester, England

Animal Themed Bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,388

Harpenden, England

Sport Themed Bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,120

Southampton, England

Magical Wilderness Themed Bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £841

South Gloucestershire, England

Joseph - Kids Camp Winner

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,922

Sheffield, England

Soft Green Nursery with pops of pink

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,198

Manchester, England

Dark Blue Modern Kids Bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,858

Redbridge, England

Traditionally beautiful little girls bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: n/a

Liverpool, England

Little boys dream attic bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,319

Manchester, England

Young Girls Bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: n/a

Manchester, England

Magical little girls room with fun feature wall

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £3,320

Epsom and Ewell, England

Calm and relaxed boy's bedroom with industrial styling.

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,298

Lewisham, England

Fun boy's bedroom with modern wallpaper and blue & yellow accent...

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £4,698

Haringey, England

A Perfect Pink & Blue Floral Kids Bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,760

Barnet, England

A Jungle Paradise kids bedroom

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £952

Manchester, England

A sisters' bedroom combining storage & style in pastel pink and turquoise

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,201

Birmingham-Wolverhampton, England

Geometric wallpaper and a fluffy ceiling light makes for a fun little girl's room

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,301

Liverpool, England

A little girl's bedroom full of fun and fashion

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,274

London, England

A little boy's bold bedroom, which balances fun and practicality

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,284

Sheffield, England

A little boys' bedroom that is bold with blue and boasts oodles of storage

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Your Kids' Bedroom Design Questions Answered

First things first, consider your budget and be strict with yourself so you remain practical in what you need. Keep in mind that this is where your child will spend the majority of their time so try to create a space that is practical but also fun.

Once you agree on a budget for the room, the next thing to consider is how you will use the space. Obviously you’ll be needing a bed to sleep in but what else? Would you like a section of the room to do to use for a fun play area? Perhaps you need a place where they can focus on their school work? Keep a list of these key features you will need when looking for kids bedroom furniture and decor.

Now it’s time to measure your space and begin to understand what you can do with it. Don’t forget to leave plenty of space for not only a child but also an adult to walk through the room and around furniture. You’ll then have the perfect starting point to consider the children’s bedroom design direction.

Finding storage for kids toys can be a nightmare, but now many different types of children’s bedroom furniture comes with storage solutions at the forefront of the design! One of the best ways to solve your storage problem is with kids' bedroom sets, that create storage availability around the bed.

Kids beds with built in storage are not only useful but they look seriously cool, check out Ikea kids bedroom sets, as they are incredible! Your child could have a bed with built in shelves or even a raised bed with a ladder, leaving tons of room underneath to solve all your child’s toy hoarding needs.

However these can take up quite a lot of space, so if you’re dealing with a room with lots of nooks and crannies, or awkward corners, then you may benefit more from storage bins or even a kids desk with storage built-in around it. Not only is this a great organisation solution but it also creates a separate area where your child can focus on school projects or creative activities!

It’s not about how big the space it’s about how you use it! Keep the room simple with neutral colours and allow the space to work for you by creating an almost minimalist feel.

When it comes to utilising space, shelves are your friend! Try and keep as much open floor space as possible as that will make the room feel spacious and also allows space for your little ones to play.

You can trick the eye to make your kids bedroom feel bigger even just with a splash of paint. Use colour zones to create different spaces in your child’s bedroom. Such as, a colourful corner for playtime or a relaxing neutral colour for a reading nook. This is also great if you’re splitting a room between two children as they can both have a hand in agreeing different zones of the room to obtain a sense of individuality and privacy.

Have a read of our blog here for more kids bedroom paint ideas which will add fun and style into your kids bedroom.

Kids' bedrooms don’t need to be an assault on the senses with a million different patterns and colours, but it is important that they have a central theme. Once you have a focus you can include your kids in the decision making process by asking them to select from a smaller colour palette so they are happy with the results too. You can do this with many of the kids room accessories too so that the bedroom represents your little one and stays consistent to what you want. It’s the best of both worlds!

If you’ve been hunting for kids bedroom furniture online you will see so many fantastic ideas that may feel unattainable with a smaller budget. This is not the case, you just need to be clever about the design and that’s where we come in!

Simplicity is key, when you create a theme make sure it is something that will stick with your children as they get older. Stay far away from Frozen or Marvel themed bedrooms as once that phase is over you’ll have to start from scratch again! We suggest creating a timeless space with a more grown up feel that your kids will thank you for in the long run!

If you want to add some childlike wonder into the room then wall stickers and wacky wall art will work for you. They're so affordable, can transform a room and simply peel off when your daughter has had enough of zoo animals, or your son has decided that dinosaurs were so 70 million years ago.

There are tons of fun but inexpensive ideas for creating a stylish and creative children's bedroom without breaking the bank. Checkout our blog here for more affordable decorating ideas for kids bedrooms.

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